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I felt my heart drop looking at this.

This picture is just so damn powerful…

who was taking the picture? why weren’t they trying to help him? what????

this is quite sad actually, you can see the carelessness in his structure. he doesn’t care that he’s about to die, he almost appears to be relaxed. and when it gets to this state of mind, that is the saddest state of mind. 

how can’t you reblog this..

I’m glad it’s not a gif

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Dear Beliebers upset about Jared’s tweet,






SPNG Tags: Dean / schoolwork? / papers? / exams? / work? / BRING IT ON  I apologize again for my lack of updating. Hopefully I’ll finally have some free time  to post requests and new gifs this weekend. Starting this Wednesday, I’ll have to make time. Bring on Season G8!  Looking for a particular Supernatural reaction gif? This blog organizes them so you dont have to spend hours hunting them down.

Our fandom is ready.

*Doctor Who fandom cracking knuckles in the back ground*

Backup has arrived, not that you need it.

*Sherlockians come back from the dead with a riding crop in hand*

We’ll be ready to perform post-mortems on the dead bodies left in the aftermath of the fight

supernatural fandom is angry and we brought our older sisters too

we are so ready for this

Refilling shotguns


You know what Hiddleston … .

Okay, he always acts surprised and awed by how many of his fans think he’s super sexy, and he doesn’t understand his sex appeal … 


He knows exactly what he’s doing to us and these and pictures like them are proof of that. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

If you put it that way actually makes sense

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